The Australian Kelpie Club of NSW was formed in 1967 following discussions between Norm & Elsa Park, Peter & Judy Townley and Jill Collier.

The inaugural meeting was held on August 24 at the Scout Hall in Liverpool and in attendance were N.Park, E.Park, L.Park, G.Park, P.Townley, J.Townley, S.Townley, J.Collier, E.Bunnell, J.Walker, CEJ.Walker, B.Walker, E.Walker, R.O’Donnell, O.Wallace, P.Hartfield, H.Wallace, S.Berry, P.Downs, WD.Crowley and D.Goddard.

Other foundation members were Mr & Mrs Abernathy, Mr & Mrs F.Butt, Mrs Cawte, Mr & Mrs Clay, Mr & Mrs Davis Mr & Mrs Elliot, Mr & Mrs Estriech,Mr & Mrs T.Evans, Mr & Mrs J.Fraser,Mr N.Fraser, Mr & Mrs Halley, Mr & Mrs W.Hancock, Mr & Mrs K.Harvey, Mr & Mrs C.Higgins, Mr & Mrs D.Martin, Mr& Mrs D.Swords and Mr & Mrs A.Vines.

The Office Bearers were:

President : Mr CEJ Walker

Senior Vice President : Mr R.O’Donnell

Vice President : Mr Evans

Secretary : Mrs E.Park

Assistant Secretary : Mrs Hancock

Publicity Officer : Mrs Wallace

Committee Mr & Mrs Townley, Mr Wallace and Brs Bunnell.

Veterinary Officer : Mr CEJ Walker B.V.Sc.

Patrons : Mr Bunnell, Mr Bruce and Mr Crowley.


The first Championship Show was held on Easter Sunday 1968 and was judged by Mr W.Crowley from Victoria who was also a Patron of the Club.

The Show was held at Orana Park, Leumeah which is now the home ground of West Tigers Rugby League Club.

The largest entry at a Club Show was 130 in 1988 and judged by Mrs D.Emery from Victoria.

The Australian Kelpie Club of NSW conducts 2 Championship Shows a year, Easter Saturday in Sydney and the 2ndt Sunday in October at Berrima in the Southern Highlands.




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