Point Scores Results 2016

Top Stud Dog

1st    Ch Tinaru Aussie Battler 77 Points   T.Dixon

 2nd    Sandsprite Legend 60 Points   S.Einam         

3rd  Engleforest Heath 43 Points   S & S Lewis     

Top Brood Bitch

1st   Ch Tinaru Paikea 67 Points   T.Dixon

2nd  Ashem Rebels Diva 58 Points   E & L Hagarty     

3rd  Tegoura Makybe Diva 40 Points   S & S Lewis      

Top Dog

1st  Ch Tinaru Downtown Brown (Ai) 84 Points

 2nd Sup Ch Tegoura Toblerone 63 Points                       

3rd Ch Tinaru Tyawan 18 Points                                    

    Top Bitch

1st  Ch Ashem Roxy 61 Points                           

2nd  Ch Tinaru Paikea 39 Points                        

3rd  Ch Tinaru Penny Arcade 18 Points           


Flapjack Trophy

1st  Ch Tinaru Tywan 18 Points                           

 2nd Huntarush Winda Woppa 16 Points                             

3rd Ashem Roxy 15 Points  


Sporting Trophy

 1st Crama Lady Of The Lake CD, RE, AD AFCH   D Richmond








Congratulations to all the winners. 


Contact Details

Ms Megan Kain
Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia
Email : [email protected]